Hairy Vetch Cover Crop Rate

The plant will grow vigorously throughout the winter. Hairy vetch is a winter hardy, annual legume, and its ability to fix nitrogen makes it very useful in vegetable crop rotations.

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For mixtures, reduce the hairy vetch seeding rate by 25% and the grain seeding rate by 50% from rates recommended for pure stands.

Hairy vetch cover crop rate. Rate (lbs ae or ai/acre) hairy vetch crimson clover austrian winter pea glyphosate1 0.37 6 6 6 0.75 7 7 7 1.50 8 8 8 Ye (low, medium, and high), hairy vetch cover crop (with and without), and fertilizer n rate (0, 60, 120, 180, and 240 kg n ha −1). Being more winter hardy than common vetch, hairy vetch has the potential to withstand temperatures in excess of 5f with no cover.

The equivalent of 160 lbs/a n fertilizer can be released to the following crop by a killed hairy vetch cover, although 100 lbs/a n is more realistic. By having the capability to produce 200+ lbs. Typically, hairy vetch contains 3.5 to 4 percent nitrogen (dry matter basis).

This species is known to have a great rooting system, with a tap root that will extend 1 to 3 feet into the soil profile. Moderate potential to scavenge nutrients, suppress weeds, improve soil health, prevent erosion. Researchers attribute this to dual cover crop benefits:

Hairy vetch seeding rate is more important in northern No allelopathic affect ahead of corn; A large seed, so it must be sown at a robust rate, to get a decent cover in the field.

To plant hairy vetch, plow the soil as you would for any regular crop. Cover crops should be drill seeded at an appropriate rate to ensure adequate establishment. Hairy vetch will tolerate a wide range of ph.

Although the inclusion of hairy vetch in a crop rotation Cover crop seeding dates and seeding rates cover crops for soil health: Hairy vetch, especially an oats/hairy vetch mix, decreased surface ponding and soil crusting in loam and sandy loam soils.

Their ability to enhance the stability of soil aggregates (particles), and to decrease the likelihood that the aggregates will disintegrate in water (143). Of nitrogen, very few legumes can come close to the benefits hairy vetch can present. Drilling is preferred for uniformity.

Care should be taken not to delay the date of seeding, since a vigorous and competitive cover crop is your best weed control. Hairy vetch as a cover crop. When used as a cover crop, hairy vetch does not normally require fertilizer unless the field has a severe p or k deficiency.

Fall oats must be planted earlier than other small grains, and when planted with hairy vetch the cover can provide sufficient soil n for. There are no herbicides registered for use on hairy vetch crops. N ratio of 11:1 in its vegetative state.

Hairy vetch is one of the most winter hardy legumes. Hairy vetch has a c: Good fit in weather destroyed crops or prevent plant acres;

This brings us to legumes of which hairy vetch is one. Follow nrcs seeding guidelines for When seeding with an oats nurse crop in late summer, sow 40 lb/ac vetch and 80 lb/ac oats.

Commonly used as a nurse crop and mixed with alfalfa, hairy vetch and field peas. A vigorous crop of hairy vetch usually out competes most annual weeds. Clover species are a poor host for soybean cyst nematode (scn), whereas hairy vetch appears to be a good scn host.

Sow in the spring as part of a. With an overall rate of 75 kg per acre / 187.5 kg per ha. Cover the seeds with about ½ inch of soil, then water well.

Rye for example makes a great cover crop but has a c:n of 26:1 making it nearly neutral. Conservative estimates are that 50 percent of this will be available to the following crop. Effectiveness of herbicides for control of selected legume cover crops.

Hairy vetch and crimson clover may host root knot nematode.

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